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How to find a man that values you?

Nowadays women criticize men a lot, but most of these women, decreased their values so much, that they became takeaway women, to the dislike of gentlemen and prosperous men. Men that want to socially succeed, will not marry a takeaway woman, that everything she offers is disposable and momentary, women that provide vicious pleasure, but that he knows that in a long run, the pleasure, the present vision and limited conversations, will not make him or his future kids, a success.

A man of good values that wants to grow, does not hang around places limited by wickedness, drunkenness, and gluttony. He likes to be in the middle of prosperous conversations, that shakes his brain cells, where questions like “ Did you know that? Shall

we open this business? Today I found out that….” Are statements commonly professed on his coexistence, therefore, to find them, value yourself and change your current frequency.

Value yourself by studying more to have relevant conversations and change frequency by going to places where cultured people go, with missions that you commonly value.  If you continue to go to places where people can’t recognize your value, you will limit yourself to be valued based on what people that go to these places are valued about.

 And please, don’t fall into the trap of starting a relationship with someone just because they go to church. And this advice goes to men as well. Church is like a hospital where everyone is given a medicine but not everyone leaves cured. Get involved with people that practice what is in Romans 12:9… Love shall not be fake.

How to identify people that love with no fakeness? Answer to be given on the next blog.

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