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No one is hiring …..What should I do if I just finish college in the middle of a pandemic?

The title of this blog is the question that slowly yet predominately is resounding into the heads of students and their worried parents as well. The dream of financial stability is soon become something that for most, is a difficult process, often compared as going trying to go to the moon.

Many young people are unaware on how to market themselves to become attractable to predominant employers, because the old way of getting a job, is no longer the current practice, in fact, a lot of jobs are being replaced by robots, data science tools and less human dependent requirement.

This is when creative people become the ones that change the way employers reach to them, by becoming attractable, regardless of what is available or not in the job market.

Few tips that will help you become attractable to potential employers are:

- Identify your strengths: Your strengths can either be your natural gifts, those that are so unique to you that you don’t need to go to school to learn them, or your academic background. When identifying your strengths, ensure to use key words. If you are a singer, don’t just say that you love to sing, say earing catching words like: “My singing has captivated the ears of studio producers, that hired me when still in college, to record background vocals for singers under their labels”. Overall, use this as the opportunity to market who you are in an attractive way, as marketing yourself is different from marketing your company. Your company name, mission statement and target market can change, but who you are, and your unique abilities are yours– make yourself visible!

- Creating more online presence: social media if well utilized, can be a support tool to reach networks, that you weren’t even aware you could r

each, not just within your network “zip code” but those of your circle and the circle of the circles of your circles. A true world wide web. However, ensure that you don’t post compromising pictures like driving and drinking. No one would like to hire a future employee that may drive under the influence.

- Be selective to target the right market: Who do you want to attract and why? What companies you want to work at? Who works where and how can I get help? Overall, you need to have the right network to get the help you need. Also learn to be inclusive. You can invite people to talk on your social media

site, about topics you have passion about, and allow them to indirectly market you. Often people with certain credibility on the market you are trying to market, may help you a lot, if you have some guess speaker sharing’s on your social media.

- Look at speaking opportunities: Share your experience, passions and believe through other people networks. You can be a guess speaker at church activities, community ventures, online events, in other words be out there.

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